The Spectre of Math

November 20, 2008

dead cats, gas prices, and why are republicans socialists

Filed under: Economics,Politics — jlebl @ 6:03 pm

So I thought the dead cat hit the concrete yesterday end of trading.  So right after open I buy AINV for $8 (about) and within an hour I am down $1200.  Yaikes!  This was not a dead cat, this was a stone thrown into a pond … oh well.

And what about gas prices.  I thought the election was over.  There is no need for low gas prices anymore.  Well maybe it’s just momentum.  I bet they will be up reasonably soon.  Except we won’t have any cars and we’ll be walking to the soup line by foot after we have been scavenging on all the trash that we were so happily throwing out while capitalism and consumerism still worked.

That brings me to socialism and republicans.  I find it odd that the people who are most screaming about how socialism is bad and redistribution of wealth is bad are from states that get more money from the federal government than they pay in taxes.  Example: Alaska.  A through and through republican state and they hate socialism there as long as it’s just a word and as long as it doesn’t mean anything.  The moment you’d try to say: “OK, don’t pay any federal taxes, but you won’t get any federal money,” I’m sure they’d be very upset.

Republicans are selective socialists, they redistribute the wealth from everyone to only small percentage of people.  Normally that would be called stealing by many (by many “right wingers”, whatever that terms means nowdays), but I’ll be nice and call them socialists.

So apparently a lot of this stuff is not the meanings of words but the sound of the words themselves.  Maybe if we start using the word “capitalism” for a working social net, equal opportunity and fair wages, then all the republicans will get on board.


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