The Spectre of Math

December 3, 2008

No questions for FOX …

Filed under: Politics — jlebl @ 6:18 am

So apparently FNC isn’t getting its questions in now.  It does make me chuckle at least.  So the posts on that site tend to debate the morality of Obama taking fox questions or not.  It’s not a problem with whether Obama or Bush is an asshole.  It’s a problem with the setup of the government.  It simply is possible for the president to do sort of whatever he wants when it comes to talking to the press.  He could just as well make farting noises only during every press conference.  I secretely wish he would do that at least once.

Furthermore, you can’t expect one side to follow some set of rules while being OK with the other side not following them.  American politics is all about propaganda, lies, and bullshit, on both sides.  You can’t possibly win here while telling the truth, and most importantly the whole truth.  The candidate who would always take the moral high ground on every issue did not run for any office this season, and if he did, he would have lost.

Not to mention I don’t care if Obama is a dick to FNC.  I’d be an even bigger dick to them if I were him.


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