The Spectre of Math

December 28, 2008

SCV notes

Filed under: Mathematics,Teaching — jlebl @ 5:23 pm

I think I am finally giving up on either reforming or cloning planetmath.  I figure I could just take what I have and put it together into a set of notes on several complex variables and related topics.  Not a book, and not an encyclopedia.  I guess the encyclopedia format is too fragmented anyway.  I am thinking of a very simple format of notes using latex2html or something and I’ll just do all updates manually if people send me new things to include, etc…  quality over quantity.  The thing will be divided into short articles/lectures with some partial order, so that someone could read it in some coherent order to get an intro to SCV (or perhaps other areas if people contribute) or perhaps even too serve as curse notes.

This way I guess I can salvage the stuff I wrote for planemtath, and also parts of my thesis and such.  So I have a new project, as if I had not enough things to do after the holidays already 🙂


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