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February 2, 2009

Disproportionate response

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Update: Maybe later in time this post seems out of context. This was on the day that Olmert said that any new rocket attacks will provoke a disproportionate response against Gaza.

Did anyone notice that there was recent disproportionate response, and that it did not stop the rocket attacks from Gaza? Quite obviously, a disproportionate response against civilians in Gaza is exactly what Hamas wants.  They know that Israel cannot win in such a war by military means.  They will destroy Hamas only to create a more radicalized populace in Gaza and an even stronger Hamas.  That is not an opinion in support of Hamas.  Hamas is evil, and Israel is making this evil ever more powerful.  Hamas does not want peace, Hamas wants war.  Hamas wants Israel to kill as many palestinians as possible, this way no arab country will be able to have peace with Israel.  They don’t care if they die!  They’ve got their virgins to look forward to, remember?  Israel is destroying itself and its chances for lasting peace if it keeps responding to Hamas with force.

February 1, 2009

GtkExtra is nuts

Filed under: Hacking,Linux — jlebl @ 12:54 am

So I have my own version of gtkextra in genius because it is maintained badly.  The interface is shoddy and I don’t trust it not changing because it is essentially broken.  The only way to fix it would be to break interface.  I have by now so many workarounds, I feel I should just hack out the stuff I need, redo the interface for gtkextra and basically have my own set of graphing widgets.  It doesn’t seem likely that gtkextra is every being really fixed.  This is really really annoying … just have to rant … I have just spent a few hours trying to finish up the slopefield/vectorfield plotting in genius since I want to use it for in class presentations, and I think I spent most time on trying to figure out that is going wrong with the (undocumented of course) gtkextra interface.  For example the vector field directions are given in pixels rather than the plot units, which makes things weird.

On another note, I found that due to my misreading of GMP interface, genius went into an infinite loop when you started your for loop at a negative number.  I guess I have never started at a negative number before, so I haven’t noticed the bug.

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