The Spectre of Math

March 1, 2009

“Short” notes

Filed under: Hacking,Mathematics — jlebl @ 5:21 pm

So this semester I am typing my notes for the differential equations notes.  I wish I did that last semester, it would make preparation easier.  Anyway, I’m a damn perfectionist and once I see the notes all nice and typed up, they look too professional not to polish them up a bit more and post them.  I’m perhaps halfway through the semester and the thing is like 80 pages already (12 pt font).  I thought these would be short class notes.  Anyway, I’ll post the pdf/latex once it’s a bit more polished (I only have what I have taught so far plus those that I typed last semester, minus those that I used handwritten notes for this semester).  I guess the students might want to look at these notes and I only have some of them online so far.

The damn perfectionist part of me makes sure that I obsess about making the notes more polished and more complete even if I don’t really have to, and I don’t really have time to.  Oh well.  Not that there are no free notes for DE out there, but one more set of textbook style notes freely available can’t hurt.

I have been also heavily using Genius in class this semester to plot graphs and such.  Also putting in nice plots into the notes made it look even nicer (making me obsess over it more).  I’ve also had to add in all the functionality I needed for DE, such as slope field and vector plots.  There is still more Genius needs to do, so I guess I’ll have to spend a few more late nights on that.


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