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March 3, 2009

Rush is a communist

Filed under: Economics,Politics — jlebl @ 5:43 pm

The clips from the recent republican convention thing remind me of clips one heard from the communist gettogethers before ’89 in czech.  Actually I think these are exactly the same people.  They are all conservatives, and they like telling others what to do.  Communists (at least the ones in power in czech) had a slightly different economic model, but overall it was actually similar.  Those with power and money should keep it and everyone else should stay where they were.  They both lie about this (the republicans are a bit more honest in this point).  On the other hand, the communists didn’t pretend to support individual freedom, which the republicans keep talking about while at the same time trying to prohibit anything that they don’t think people should do (you are free to do whatever, just as long as I think you should be allowed to do it).

Anyway, same people.  I think Rush would be very happy as a communist (not a true communist mind you, but the kind that ruled eastern europe).

I also enjoy republicans being the pansies now.  If any one of them does anything that insults Rush and he call them on it, they come brownnosing back to him with apologies.  For a party that prides itself on being tough and manly, they are really a bunch of pussies.  I love it.  Every time some republican has to apologize to their overlord Rush, I laugh my ass off.  This would be like democrats apologizing to Keith Olberman or some such (I’d be laughing too if that happened).

And yesterday, the stockmarket went down another year (it was ’97 in the morning and ’96 by the evening).  We are getting into Bill’s first term now.  Maybe dubya wanted to make a connection with his dad by putting the economy about where it was when HW lost.  Too bad he didn’t get to finish it during his tenure.  I’m sure he tried hard, he should get an award for trying.



  1. The difference is that Rush is awesome and Olberman is pathetic.

    As for market reacting to LOLbama’s fascism, that’s quite natural really. Hitler’s economic policies were exactly the same and we know how well that ended.

    Comment by Pete Zaitcev — March 4, 2009 @ 7:17 am | Reply

    • I have been thinking very hard how to insult your intelligence. Unfortunately, nothing I can say will be a greater insult to your mental capabilities than what you have posted above. Bravo.

      Comment by jlebl — March 6, 2009 @ 5:49 pm | Reply

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