The Spectre of Math

March 8, 2009


Filed under: Politics,Technology — jlebl @ 4:58 pm

So apparently people can find secret military bases using google earth.  Hmmm.  Before it was “blurred.”  Hmmm.  OK, suppose I really was looking for secret sites, even with google cooperating and bluring those sites.  Isn’t it just a matter of finding the blurred sites?  I’m sure it’s actually harder to recognize a secret base if it’s not blurred than just looking for places that are blurred.  Remember that lack of information is information.

If they really want their stuff to be hidden, then provide google with doctored up photos that clean up what’s there.  Or hide it better so that you can’t recognize it so easily.

It reminds me of the policy until ’89 in czech.  You were not allowed to photograph damns, railway stations, and similar buildings.  Apparently if someone saw a turisty shot of a small town railway station they could mount an attack that would defeat communism.  Actually that’s not fair to the commies (not that I’d want to be fair to them), but this was the rule since the austrian empire.  I wonder what Franz Joseph would think about google earth.


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