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July 21, 2009

new gob

Filed under: Hacking,Linux — jlebl @ 4:26 pm

Made the gob 2.0.16 release today, see

I was thinking a bit why things I did were not popular when I did them, yet then later I see the same idea done in a different way and people suddenly think it’s cool, even though their previous arguments could have been easily recycled.  I think it’s because I did not manage to put enough buzzwords into my projects.  I unfortunately called gob a preprocessor.  Had I called it a new technology leveraging the gobject programming paradigm within existing project environment allowing refactoring and whatever other in-vogue nonsense is currently a popular word.

So along comes Vala which is a cool project and it does precisely everything that everyone told me gob should not do. Yet, somehow … hmmm … I think Vala is cool. I wish them luck in “marketing” it.

Another thing I screwed up marketing was pong. I unfortunately mentioned “auto-generated” somewhere and suddenly nobody even looked t what the thing did. Everybody was fine with glade automatically connecting your signals, but pong connecting widgets to gconf was evil for some reason. I bet the reduction in memory footprint which could have bee achieved by letting pong do what every app does miserably with its own code would be easily measurable.

Enough ranting … I just feel sort of sad if I see nonsense being solved (the desktop being turned into an inconsistent flash app for example) while actual problems aren’t being solved for decades. This is not a new disease. I mean we had gtk themes long before we had any sort of printing support. I guess this is part of the problem why I got bored working on software, the priorities are all screwed up.


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