The Spectre of Math

July 27, 2009

1057 unique IPs

Filed under: Mathematics — jlebl @ 9:35 pm

So 1057 downloads of my diffy qs notes from distinct IP addresses. I guess that also counts the crawlers, but last I checked they are only a very small subset, so definately over 1000 human downloads anyway. That’s not bad I guess. Not one person yet got the bound version from lulu, so I am most definitely not getting rich off of this book. I am actually very surprised that it got to 1000 so quickly. I was really expecting far less by now. I figured I’d have hard time figuring out which downloads were from the students in the class, but obviously it is now such a small percentage (between the time I made the final version available on zinc ( and the time of the final there were about 40 downloads and there were like 65 students in the class, I guess many of them had older version of the notes already and did not bother to download the newest one).

I assume that most of the downloads are students looking for an extra source of information. If this is true, there should be a spike in downloads come September. I think this is a reasonable theory since my page comes up pretty high when searching for “edwards and penney differential equations free download” (I’ve seen searches exactly like this in the logs:) I guess my notes are not exactly what these people are looking for but I guess it helps.


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