The Spectre of Math

October 28, 2009

Obsession for … politicians?

Filed under: Politics,Technology — jlebl @ 7:09 pm

What is this obsession with the entertainment industry. In Britian now they will have the “you download three pieces of illegal music and you can’t get on the internet” law. OK, I understand that according to current laws, copying copyrighted material without permission of the copyright owner is illegal. But, to make a law like that? Do you get banned for life from walking on the sidewalk if you have used the sidewalk to walk to 3 shops you robbed? Perhaps it is because your grocery shop doesn’t have the right kind of lobbyist working for them.

Plus it is entertainment industry. It is not like they are curing cancer. Who cares that Metallica only makes half of what they would make if nobody downloaded their songs illegaly. That’s only bad for Metallica, and it ain’t all that bad for them anyway. Why is it crucial for society that Metallica has lots of money (and they seem to be doing fine even with all this evil illegal copying going around). I mean, why is illegal downloading considered such a huge problem? Why isn’t world hunger considered a bigger problem? Why not spend all the energy and money the society spends on protecting the entertainment industry from reality to actually do some good in the world. I bet those kids dying of hunger could care less that some wanker is downloading illegal mp3s. I mean, there’s lots of really bad stuff going on even in the industrialized world. Spend some efforts on that. There are lots of people in a very tough spot in the UK as well (and US and the rest of the world). And they aren’t the entertainment industry.

Is it so important for society to make Metallica rich? You say that there would not be any Metallica. So what! As long as teenage boys want to get laid, they will continue trying to make music and become musicians. I bet far more than 99% of music made in the world is not made for the money. But that less than 1% makes a lot of money. But it is NOT crucial for society if that 1% comes or goes. If music is so unimportant to society that it will go away the moment it is not profitable, then who cares if it is gone.

It will also never get to that. Even if we allow everyone to download music willy nilly, it will still be profitable to make and sell music. It just won’t be so profitable. The people “harmed” are simply not able to make money “in this particular manner.” But there are many ways that I can’t make money. For example, I can’t say that everyone who walks past my house has to pay me $50. I can’t say that I invented blinking twice in a row and then charging everyone doing it. Who cares if I can’t make money that way. Why should there be a law that says that I have to be able to make money like that?

Access to internet will very soon be almost a requirement for life in a modern society. So it will be like banning someone from using the telephone or using the sidewalk or riding the bus.

Actually I stopped listening to Metallica the moment they started pulling this copyright nonsense. They have not gotten a single cent from me in the past decade. And I used to like them. Also, sorry about using Metallica as the single metaphor for the entertainment industry. By Metallica I mean all the successful bands and the whole recording industry and the movie industry, etc…


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