The Spectre of Math

November 3, 2009

conservatives using communist terminology

Filed under: Politics — jlebl @ 3:53 pm

So I heard that an anti tax law on the ballot (today I presume) is called TABOR (taxpayer bill of rights). First thing that came up in my head was red flags waving and militaristic communist music. See I assume they used the name because of Mount Tabor in Israel (what does transfiguration of christ have to do with tax limitations is beyond me). However, being a czech that grew up in communism, Tábor means an entirely different thing. The more radical branch of the Hussites (the Taborites) started the town and made a commune there. Suffice it to say the commune did not work actually, but it was used by the communists as an example of the first fairly large scale experiment in communism (they ignored the very religious aspects of course as the town is also named after Mount Tabor because the Hussites were religious fanatics). Anyway, naming something TABOR feels very communist to me. I’m sure they didn’t mean it, but it gave me a laugh anyway. The Taborites were also mostly nutcases and plunged central europe into 200 years of economic and cultural stagnation, culminating with a 30 year war that killed around 90% of central european inhabitants. I’m sure it’s the same kind of result we want from our tax laws.


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