The Spectre of Math

November 22, 2009

MSIE vs. Firefox

Filed under: Technology — jlebl @ 4:19 pm

Yesterday I saw the diffqs page for the first time in IE at my dad’s place. Of course the whole thing was jumbled. Apparently writing to standards is not enough. When the DOCTYPE line is not just right IE will start ignoring certain parts of your CSS. So it happens that in IE, the ads that were supposed to be on the right, out of the way, were unstyled and at the top taking up a whole page. So you had to scroll down to see the content. I guess that could have reduced the number of downloads. So I tested a few days worth of logs to see what the percentage of IE vs. Firefox users are among people looking at the diffyqs page, to see how it could affect the numbers. So in 829 real users with identified browsers, there were 665 various Firefox uesrs (more than 450 of those were version 3.5), there were 122 IE users, 39 Safari users, and 3 Opera users. I guess majority of the users are students and those are more likely to use Firefox. There were 38 Linux users and 125 mac users and the rest were windows users.

Anyway, IE is fairly braindead.


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