The Spectre of Math

December 26, 2009

Snowe history forgettism

Filed under: Politics — jlebl @ 5:39 pm

Reading some fun Olympia Snowe quotes. So apparently bringing up the fact that republicans voted for a hugely deficit raising Medicare expansion prompted our Olympia to note that “Dredging up history is not the way to move forward.”

Well, true if you want to work together with someone, it is generally not good to bring up their past, especially if it contradicts their position now. People generally hate be reminded of such things. On the other hand, if the other side is not working with you and is calling you tax-and-spender, then it is just fine. In fact, when somebody accuses you of raising the deficit, that’s what you do: you tell them “WTF, you raised it WAAAAY more on a similar (health) issue just 6 years ago.” “Dredging up history” is talking about republican votes in the 60s.

Of course republicans are not currently in control and hence you can’t point to any legislation they are passing now. So you look at the nearest time that they were in control and you look at that. That’s the best prediction of what the republicans would be doing now. It’s like a baseball player says during the game that the other team sucks at the bat, and then when he is reminded that he sucked even worse in the previous inning, then saying something about “dredging up history” and unfair criticism.

The defense that the economy is now in the shitter and therefore we can’t spend on healthcare is also crap. I mean, in 2003 it was in the shitter just as well. We were looking at two wars (starting one of them), we were barely recovering from 2001 …


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