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February 28, 2010

UK, bad economy, and Wi-Fi

Filed under: Politics — jlebl @ 4:01 pm

Apparently, the UK thinks that its economy will improve if they make sure no one uses public wifi. I am always surprised by UK law. Of all the democracies (technically UK is a democracy, even if they cling to pretending that they are a monarchy), UK seems to be the weirdest.

Internet providers are now on the same playing field as gun sellers. They must take steps to ensure that their customers don’t do crime. Obviously, downloading free music is on par with killing people. If you rob a bank and use the bus to get away with the loot, does the bus company lose their license? But robbing banks is not so bad apparently. Just don’t download that mp3.

It’s not even clear that it will protect anyone but the large entertainment industry. And it is not even clear it will do that. You know … people copied content before the internet …

Next time you go to UK, better not plan on reading your email in a coffee shop. Also better plan on getting coffee somewhere else than your favourite coffee shop since that will be closed.


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