The Spectre of Math

May 17, 2010

Texas textbooks and communism

Filed under: Politics — jlebl @ 1:41 pm

Ahhh … this brings back memories. Growing up in communism, I saw all kinds of indoctrination in the textbooks. Though some of these Texas changes are even more than the communists ever tried. In my textbooks it was essentially Czech exceptionalism with a bit of Russian and pan-slavic exceptionalism thrown in for good measure. Replace “free market enterprise” with “centrally planed economy”. You can keep the bit about that system leading to “liberty” that bit was the same in the books. It is interesting that Texas education board is downplaying democracy while the commies kept yapping about it. I guess it is just due to the unfortunate naming of the Democratic party. The whole Reagan-orgy is also familiar, though it was Gottwald for us.

We always thought that it was those evil commies that had a bunch of politicians dictate school curriculum. We thought: “in the west where there is real democracy and freedom education is left to the experts and educators. History textbooks are written by historians, economy textbooks by economists, etc…” HA!

Yes I know the members of the board are elected, but they are politicians. But history is history, it is not dependent on who holds some political office. You can’t write history by asking what do people want history to be. Well … apparently you can.


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