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May 27, 2010

Chrome vs. Firefox

Filed under: Linux,Technology — jlebl @ 4:02 pm

For the past month or so I’ve used Chrome to test it out. At first I thought it worked really well. Then I’ve started to discover many annoyances. Firstly, there is no way to “open” files like PDF directly from the internet. Chrome forces you to click a whole bunch of times so that you download the PDF to the tmp directory, then you open it by clicking on the name on the bottom of the screen. This is really, really, really annoying. Especially for a mathematician (or I assume any scientist) who reads many PDFs, DJVUs, PSs, every day. This is enough to make me not want to use it. Whatever stress reduction from slightly faster and smoother browsing experience is totally canceled out by this. I really don’t see how hard it is to save to /tmp and open automatically. I mean browsers have been doing this forever.

Another thing that was worrying me is that saved passwords are not encrypted behind a master password.

The last straw was the fact that it can’t print right.

So back to firefox. Yes it’s slightly slower, and every once in a while I get weird JavaScript errors when using gmail, but it’s way less annoying. It will be nice once firefox moves to separate processes for every webpage. I think that alone does quite a bit to speed up browsing, especially one a multicore machine.

So the result of the fight: Chrome-Firefox is 0:1.


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