The Spectre of Math

October 3, 2010

number of unique ips

Filed under: Mathematics,Teaching — jlebl @ 6:07 pm

So I assigned homework in my differential equations class from my diffyqs notes and
the number of downloads from new ips jumped from the regular 90-100 to first week 131 and then this week (when the homework was due, 363. So subtracting 100 from each week for non ucsd downloads (I could check the logs, but I don’t have so much disposable time) I get that approximately 294 (let’s round that to 300) downloads from unique IPs are from my class. There are 180 students in my class, so each student on avarage downloads the notes from 1.67 different IPs (different devices).

On the other hand, the real analysis notes are holding at approximately 200 new ips a week. I know for sure that these are used in at least one class this fall. Given that the jump from summer to fall was from approx 110 to now 200 a week, that would over the last few weeks perhaps lead to up to 350 downloads from new ips that come from students who use that book, meaning about 200 students extrapolating from the diffy qs classes. Since the usual class size for this is 20-40 students, that mean 5 to 10 classes might be using this book. On the other hand, it may simply be students that find the book as a second reference. It would be interesting to know the real number.


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