The Spectre of Math

October 27, 2016

Obama/Romney vote share versus teacher salaries, or don’t tell me that Republicans and Democrats are the same.

Filed under: Economics,Politics,Teaching — jlebl @ 7:12 pm

I  spent a few minutes after lunch while procrastinating from grading, putting together the following data.  First I took the states by the 2012 Obama minus Romney vote share in percent by state [1], and then teacher salaries by state [2]. Then I ran linear regression on the sucker.  R2 is not a shabby 0.347.  See here:

One thing you can read off the graph for example is that: Each 1 percent of vote flipped from Republicans to Democrats gives teachers a $682 yearly pay raise. Of course I am greatly simplifying 🙂 But the trendline is clearly there.

See the full spreadsheet, if you want to see and play with the whole data, though I didn’t really clean it up much.

I’m sure someone already did this somewhere…



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