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November 4, 2016

Save Euro, vote Trump!

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Reading the news [1], I thought of one possible beneficiary of a Trump win.  Since most people seem to think (I’d say correctly) that the US economy will be a lot weaker and unpredictable in case of a Trump win, dollar is probably going to lose value.  One of the main things that we (US) export is the dollar, as countries buy dollars as the world’s main reserve currency.  But with Trump in the white house, euro will look more appetizing as a reserve currency.

A similar thing could probably be said about brexit, which made the pound less appetizing, though dollar is far more of an important foe for euro.  GPB went from $1.5 a year ago to $1.2 today.

So Trump is our gift to Europe.  We are such good friends we are willing to shoot ourselves in the foot (or worse), to help you.  Make Europe Great Again!  On the other hand apparently peso is suffering even more than dollar in case of Trump win …


July 18, 2013


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See anything wrong here?



January 17, 2012

Newspapers will be half the size on wednesday

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With the Wikipedia blackout, what will journalists do? There will be a lot less in the wenesdays edition, though on the plus side it will have a better chance to be correct or at least original. Also, all school essays that were due wenesday will be turned in a day late.

December 27, 2008

New title

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I borrowed wording from the communist manifesto for a different title for my blog.  I think it is more appropriate.

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